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Autarch Ghaelyn - WARHAMMER 40K: WARPFORGE - Everguild Ltd

Trailer Narrator - HARMONY THE FALL OF REVERIE - Don't Nod

Professor Nanners - NONSENSICAL - Jackbox games 

Narrator - WEAPONS DRAWN - Jackbox games 

Multiple characters - WARHAMMER: GUJIAN SWORDS OF LEGENDS - Gameforge

Amendera/Iota - WARHAMMER HORUS HERESY: LEGIONS - Everguild Ltd

Adra - PRISM - Dusty Hunsaker, Productions of Dust

Danielle - THE CLOCK MAKER - Andrea Federici, Berklee College




The Sundered Path by BB Jones 

Road to New Canaan by Anthony Jones

My Journey to Lhasa by Alexandra David-Neel - Tower Audiobooks

Wise Child by Monica Furlong - Tower Audiobooks 

Juniper by Monica Furlong - Tower Audiobooks 

Coleman by Monica Furlong - Tower Audiobooks

Immortal Descendants (Books 1-5) by April White 

Morgan Stark series by Rylie Dark (Books 1 - 5) 

Children of Morwena by Helene Smith

Calamity and a Danish by Blake Pierce

Ghost and Found, A reaper witch mystery book 4 by Elle Adams

A Perilous Cake Pop, book 3 by Fiona Grace

Nephilims Hex: Timelessness book 3 by Susana Imaginario

The Dharkan: Timlessness, book 2 by Susana Imaginario

Misfortune and Gouda by Blake Pierce

Arianna and Finn, Royals of Valleria, book 3 by Marianne Knightly 

Grace and Marcello, Royals of Valleria, book 2 by Marianne Knightly

The Imperfect Psychic book 3 by Ashley King 

Vino and Death: Villa in Sicily book 3 by Fiona Grace 

Crime and Lager by Blake Pierce 

A Ghost and a Hard Place: Reaper Witch book 3 by Elle Adams

A Time To Every Purpose by Ian Andrew 

The Imperfect Psychic book 2 by Ashley King 

Figs and a Cadaver: Villa in Sicily by Fiona Grace 

After the End by Gareth Stevens 

Olive Oil and Murder: A Villa in Sicily  by Fiona Grace 

Alexander & Rebecca (Royals of Valleria book 1) by Marianne Knightly

Wit and Intrigue by Angela Johnson 

Black is my Heart by Elise Noble

Let Sleeping Ghosts Lie by Elle Adams

A Wild Ghost Chase by Elle AdamsAudiobook: The Imperfect Psychic by Ashley King 

Cherishing the Captain by Elise Marion

Killing by Blake Pierce 

Loving the Lieutenant by Elise Marion  

Birthright by Chloe Moore

Crime in the Cafe by Fiona Grace

Wyrd Gods: Timelessness book 1 by Susana Imaginário

Stalking by Blake Pierce 

In Dyer Circumstances (Book 2) by Claire Highton-Stevenson

In Dyer Need (Book 1) by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Letters From and Unknown Woman by Stefan Zweig 

Before the End (Book 2) by G J Stephens 

Blackwood Security: Pitch Black by Elise Noble 

Blackwood Security: Into the Black by Elise Noble 

Blackwood Security: Forever Black by Elise Noble 

Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog (Books 1-4) by Beverly Courtney

The Marmalade Murders by Elizabeth J Duncan 

White Lies - by Emily Harper

The Really Truly Princess - by Amanda Kastner 

The Widows Second Chance - by Rose Andrews 




Pukka Tea ad campaign 

Krispy Kreme 

Uber for Spotify


Girl Guides

Tork Skincare

Hugo Boss

Biobest Academy

CBRE Real Estate

Rugby League World Cup

HP Dragonfly Elite online campaign 

PanicGo Alarm Systems

Pension Ombudsman 


Ministry of Supply Clothing

Service Now

CFO Accounting

Avara Eggbox

Art - The Board-game Trailer 

Friday Pulse

1817 Impact Research

APP - Brightlights bookeeping 

Vision Communication Explainer 

Educational documentary on Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion x4 - ClickView Australia

Internal Animation - x2 (Digifish) 

Explainer - Dunhill 

In House Animation for Deloitte 

Digital Asset Management Explainer (Hightower)

Internal Explainer, Wavelength (Digifish) 

Internal Explainer, Forward Keys (Digifish) 




Jurassic Park: The Amber Society (YouTube official fan series) 

Spellbound (Short Film) 

Orange France ELearning 

Space Educational Video - ClickView 

Pied Piper of Hameln TRAILER  (for deaf audiences) 

Fake News - ClickView 

Suffragettes - ClickView 

Big Data - ClickView 

Engineering Educational Video - ClickView Australia 

History Boys Documentary - ClickView Australia 

Billy Elliot Documentary - ClickView Australia 

Blood Brothers Documentary - ClickView Australia 




PODCAST: The London Podcast playing the recurring role of Mrs Pepys

CARTOON: Liberty/Nino - COSMOS KIDS  - Cambridge Science Centre

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