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Auditions are fast and free, just send copy

British voiceover artist

Sincere, friendly and direct with a clarity and warmth for corporate voiceover. Confident and funny for narration/drama. 


Commercial Demo
Narration/Audiobook Demo
Gaming Demo
Corporate Demo

Weapons Drawn Trailer:

How does this work?


Please get in touch for my rate card. 

In order for me to give a costing for my services as a voiceover artist, when contacting me about your requirements please ensure you tell me the following: 

- Approximate length of script (or you can send me a copy)

- Whether it's intended for broadcast or non-broadcast purposes

- The deadline

- Any accent/dialect or style preferences

- The format of the final product (MP3, WAV, etc) 

- If you will require the product edited or RAW 

- Your approximate budget  

The fee charged will depend on the type of job, but rest assured I charge very competitively following the Equity rate card guidelines.

All fees are negotiable and include a discount for returning clients. 

Enquire now at:



Ian Hooper (Executive director, Leschenault Press)

As this was our first foray into audio book production, we could not have had a better narrator. Not only did Sarah bring the characters and scenes to live with her pathos and sensitivity, humour and vibrancy, she was also adept at helping to manage the practical aspects of the production and was extremely proficient in meeting the technical specifications required for the post-production processes. The team at Leschenault Press cannot thank her enough and I can only hope we get to collaborate with Sarah again in the near future, as she is an extremely accomplished artist.

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