A reliable, fun, relaxed and expertly performed recording which means you can enjoy your voice over experience with ease.  

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm originally from Berkshire but have lived in London for enough time to be officially classed as a 'proper Londoner'. In fact, so much so that I have worked as a London tour guide in the past, making me invaluable on a pub quiz team, and with a rock solid voice able to talk non stop for hours at a time...in traffic.

I am a comedy nerd and in addition to my voiceover and acting careers I am part of popular improvised comedy group 'CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation'. 

I am deeply passionate about voice work, and those beautiful little intricacies that can be conveyed and explored through just the voice. Whether taking the listener on a journey narrating an audiobook, being confident, clear and professional for a corporate explainer or E-learner or delving into multiple characters in wonderful scenarios for gaming. 

It was while voicing the recurring character of Mrs Pepys for the London Podcast that I decided to make the move into voice over. From here I have trained in as much voiceover as I can get and developed a special love for voicing; games, corporate and audiobooks.  

"I’ve worked with other talented actresses from Julie Walters to Dame Judi Dench, and Sarah deserves to carry a similar torch for her generation." - Adrian Lacey (production/sound, BBC Radio/Television, and the London Podcast)

© 2019 Sarah Kempton

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